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Cindy Martin

October 12, 2019

Love the selection of jewelry. Very wearable stuff! (If you know what I mean.) The service was very good without being intrusive. The pricing seemed very competitive. Love my new sapphire and diamond ring!

Nancy Noftsger

October 5, 2019

All of the experiences that I have had at this store have been wonderful. The staff is knowledgable and friendly. The make my experiences fun and they know my tastes. Each trip to this store is an adventure. Their products are beautiful and superior to any other store I have patronized. Thanks for making me feel at home when I come for a visit.

Sharon Weil

October 24, 2019

Customer service was very efficient and prompt. Friendly and conversational. All the display cases were lit and beautifully designed. Will use James Wolf jewelers again and recommend to our friends.

Laura Strassell

December 1, 2019

My first choice for any jewelry needs! Always friendly and accommodating - I just called them right as they were closing today and they waited for my son (who was in the area) to pick up our wedding rings which were in for repair. Saved us a trip and now my hubby won’t be leaving for his business trip without his wedding ring on! “Ladies, he’s taken!” 😊

Nancy Liscow

September 13, 2019

I highly recommend James Wolf jewelers. Visited the store for a watch band and ring repair. Received great customer service including excellent advice and timely completion of work. Reasonable charges as well. We had been in once before and the service was just as great.